If you’re a lover of all things quirky and cute then you’ll never ever be disappointed with this Louis Vuitton Nano Alma Bird Bag. A unique and eye-catching version of the Nano Alma in Monogram canvas, this bag is such a stunner with its cool and fun personality!

For the information of all bag enthusiasts, the Nano Alma Bag is the smallest and cutest sized Alma Bag out there! And this time around, people behind Louis Vuitton thought of a way to further add a touch of panache to this petite bag favorite by adding an adorable Bird design!

The Bird design on the other hand is not just any other bird as it is made from classic House details. The head is made from Monogram flowers, while the forehead is adorned with rivets, and the mouth is made from golden V signature! It also has gold colored metallic pieces to perfectly complement the luxurious Monogram canvas.

Measuring18 (H) cm and is priced $1320 USD, €900 euro, £840 GBP, ¥147960 JPY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.



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They’re tiny and a bit pricey; they’re cute and fashionable. Every iconic bag deserves to shrink at house of Louis Vuitton and that includes the Montaigne and Dora Bag.

Sometime ago, we’ve announced the shrinking-evolution of the Louis Vuitton iconic bags like the Noe, Alma, W or the Alma Bag. They’re available in miniature-size – and they’re so cut like little babies.

But here’s the story; Louis Vuitton has made more bags in tiny edition and now the Nano Montaigne and Dora Bag are included in the collection. And besides that, the Nano Alma Bag is even crafted in Epi Leather.

These tiny size handbags are ideal for daily essentials – you know, the thing you need to take when you go out like your smartphone, credit cards and keys. And oh, you want to know in real-life what fits inside this bag. Then read this:

So forget about the Wallet on Chain Bags because these are perfect as well – they’re light-weighed, versatile and also featured with long strap to carry on your shoulder.

So what do you think?



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Louis Vuitton Nano Collection

Louis Vuitton News

louis_vuitton_nano-collection1Having already previewed these babies up close whilst in Tokyo last week for Louis Vuitton’s F/W15 press presentation, I can safely say this. THEY ARE TOO FREAKING ADORABLE TO RESIST. Yes, I’m talking about the new Nano collection, which takes house classics (and a few new bags), places them under Wayne Szalinski’s shrink ray and, you guessed it, shrunk.

louis_vuitton_nano-collection3And by shrunk, I mean really, really tiny, with each fitting comfortably in the palm of my hand, which should make them around 20 cm from end to end max. 7 different styles are up for grabs (you could actually do it quite literally as well, seeing how small they are), from icons like the Alma, Lockit, Noé and Speedy to recent additions like the Pallas, W and the Turenne.

louis_vuitton_nano-collection2Available in a variety of colours and finishes (some bags, for example, only come inMonogram Canvas, while others like the Nano Alma only come in Epi), I’ve been told they will be released progressively from 8 July, with more colours added to the collection right up to September or October.

Last but not least, the collection’s prices, which you’ll be wanting to know after you’ve decided which bag you’re getting. Because the collection encompasses bags in either canvas and leather, the price range is pretty wide, from SGD1110 for the Nano Noé and Nano Speedy to SGD1510 for the Nano Pallas and the Nano Turenne. TheNano Alma in Epi is also SGD1510, and moving up we’ve got the Nano Lockit andNano W that come in at SGD2340 apiece (full leather, that’s why).

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Just a couple months ago, Louis Vuitton introduced the Nano Bag Collection. Were you excited? Have you read the news?

Well… the Nano Collection was basically stuffed with ‘all the iconic handbags’, but then in ultra-mini sizes. Perhaps the moment of the mini bags have come, you know, we’re spotting more and more people carrying super-tiny bags.

What’s so hot about small bags? While the price tags are just a bit cheaper, we think its because small bags are cute.

The next question we should ask is…how much essential can you store in these Nano bags? Well, we have talked to DayDreamer (not her real name of course) about this case because she has bought her very own Nano Alma Bag.

Here are some images for you to see:


DayDreamer: ‘Here are the pictures of my bag and the stuff I can fit into it – the iPhone 6 plus, the slim coin purse from Radley London, my passport, a Dior lipgloss, my house and car keys, and a small comb from an airline travel kit.’

Awesome, so it can fit all-your-essentials. That’s very important! And more…



DayDreamer: ‘The straps are not detachable compared to the larger Alma’s, and it doesn’t come with a padlock…’.

You can’t have everything right? And one more thing though…

DayDreamer: ‘Definitely has more room than my Chanel WOC’.

Thank you for all the information and images, and I love your bag!

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Louis Vuitton’s Nano collection may be teeny tiny, but you can be sure that it’s going to make a gigantic impact. Part of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection, the range will feature the Speedy, Alma, Lockit, Noé, Pallas, Turenne and W Bags in a pint sized avatar.

The collection is Nicolas Ghesquière’s tribute to Louis Vuitton’s rich history of luggage and handbagdesign. In this collection you’ll find adorable mini monograms, stark red leather and pale pink leather too.
Prices will range from around $810 for the Speedy and Noe, $1,060 for the Turenne to $1,110 for the Pallas and Epi Alma. Slated to launch in July, the collection will surely be a hit with collectors and we’re sure that it will sell out before you know it so be prepared!




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It’s the little things that put a big smile on our faces…and the Louis Vuitton Nano Bag Collection is about to do JUST that. As part of LV’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection, seven iconic bags from the trusted authority in fashion have been zapped into cute sizes with enormous appeal. Nano sizes, big attitude – and it’s all yours for the taking.

We will take a look at three great pieces from the collection: the Nano Noe, Nano Alma and Nano W, which are part of a set of equally beautiful bags.

1. Nano Noe

The Nano Noe is an ultra-feminine piece which bears the house’s iconic LV monogram. Compared to most of the bags in the collection, it is a bucket bag with golden color metallic pieces and a leather thread closure, which adds up to its uniqueness. This is a very light bag that fits your basic essentials.


Nano Noe
Size: 5.9′ x 5.1′ x 3.5′ inches (H x L x W)
Price: $810 USD or €550 EUR

2. Nano Alma

Sophisticated and downright sexy, the Nano Alma is about to paint the town red. It is a playful piece that exudes the vibrant energy of the city girl – charming, classy, yet bold and adventurous. Adorned with silver metallic pieces, this bag has a secure zipped closure, which keeps all your valuables in one place.


Nano Alma
Size: 4.7′ x 6.7′ x 3.1′ inches (H x L x W)
Price: $1100 USD or €750 EUR

3. Nano W

The Nano W is one of the chicest pieces you could ever lay your eyes (and hands) on, and for good reason – it has unique and luxurious Veau box trimmings which bear the brand’s famous insignia. It has a smooth body with tufted sides, creating the three-part shape its bigger counterpart is known for.


Nano W
Size: 4.3′ x 7.5′ x 2.4′ inches (H x L x W)
Price: $1720 USD or €1200 EUR

All the pieces in the collection include a long strap for shoulder or crossbody carry. Don’t be fooled by its teeny size, though – it is enough to carry your daily essentials such as your smartphone, keys and wallet. Get yours now via the Louis Vuitton online boutique. Other bags in the collection include:


Nano Pallas
Size: 4.3′ x 6.3′ x 2.8′ inches (H x L x W)
Price: $1110 USD or €750 EUR


Nano Speedy
Size: 4.3′ x 6.3′ x 3.5′ inches (H x L x W)
Price: $810 USD or €550 EUR


Nano Turenne
Size: 4.3′ x 6.7′ x 2.4′ inches (H x L x W)
Price: $1110 USD or €750 EUR


Nano Lockit
Size: 4.3′ x 7.5′ x 2.4′ inches (H x L x W)
Price: $1720 USD or €1200 EUR

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