LaToya Jackson totes her furry friend in Louis Vuitton


LaToya Jackson carries a Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier (5)

It’s only the best for any pooch that travels with LaToya Jackson. Here she is coming out of a hotel in New York, carrying her adorable Pomeranian in a Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier. (Sadly, there’s no “first class” for celeb dogs in cargo. Though I suspect this fluffy baby gets her own seat on the plane.) 

We can’t put a solid ID on LaToya’s Louis Vuitton tote, but we’re guessing it’s a vintage design that’s no longer made. The patina on the leather trim would certainly seem to indicate that LaToya’s had this bag in her collection for a fairly long time. Fortunately for all LV fans, those signature monograms never fade (with proper care). Louis Vuitton experts, feel free to weigh in with your best guesses!

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Buy Cheap Real Louis Vuitton X Chapman Brothers Fall/Winter 2013 Men’s Accessories


Buy Cheap Real Louis Vuitton X Chapman Brothers Fall/Winter 2013 Men’s Accessories


Chapman Brothers Louis Vuitton 2013 Fall/Winter Collection

Chapman Brothers is the Arts London unit which founded by Jake Chapman and Dinos Chapman two brothers. Early time, there were two model Cheap LV handbags dropped in the internet which cooperation with the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton, and recently, there are new members will enter into the great series.

In the Louis Vuitton Latest collaborators for 2013 Fall/Winter season collection which from the UK, Jake and Dinos in a Chapman Brothers are consisted of original artworks laid over Louis Vuitton items, ranging from bags to apparel, accessories to housewares.

In the 2013 Autumn Winter Louis Vuitton Collection, with the bright color as the main theme which included red and blue color which leading a fashion look, those colorful Real Louis Vuitton sale which you can find T-shirt, shoes, handbags and scarves. All of those Louis Vuitton items been a great choice to completely mens look this fall season.

Known for their highly provocative art, Chapman Brothers worked with Kim Jones and Louis Vuitton on a capsule collection for Fall/Winter 2013. For the new Louis Vuitton fashion 2013 Fall in renowned technique, which references styles used in Renaissance art, matches perfectly with Louis Vuitton’s affinity for geometric patterning, resulting in an elegant all-over print on the shirt.

Except those great new collection for Louis Vuitton, at our Cheap Louis Vuitton bags store, you also can find there are other classic and hot sale Authentic Louis Vuitton bag sale online for a lower price. All of those design are very fashion and popular in the world. Shop real LV bag online for fashion design in an affordable price, please visit!


Louis Vuitton x Chapman Brothers Fall Winter 2013 Mens Bags, Shoes And Accessories


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Louis Vuitton Replica for Father’s Day


Louis Vuitton campaign for Fathers Day

Does this guy look like your dad? LV for Father's Day!

I receive the Louis Vuitton handbags newsletter in my inbox every month, and today it actually served as my reminder that father’s day is coming up…really soon. It’s a good thing for Louis, crap!

It also reminded me how much my dad could use some fashion help. He’s a pretty handsome guy, I mean maybe one day back…way, way back he looked a little like the guy in the LV ad above…just a bit.

It also reminded me (man, I should hire whoever sends this newsletter to be my personal assistant) how much Louis Vuitton replica there is for men, and how little people know about it. Some of my favorite replica sites have huge men’s collections. The Louis Vuitton monogram after all is about as unisex as it gets. Add to that the Suhali leather, the Damier canvas, Monogram Luggage, briefcases, backpacks, wallets—there’s a ton of Louis Vuitton replica to keep a man looking dapper for years. We’re all just too blinded by the handbags to notice….

I know what my dad’s getting. An LV Monogram billfold. What do you think? Would your dad like it?

replica Louis Vuitton bill fold

A great example of a replica Louis Vuitton bill fold. Photo courtesy of Replica Sun.

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A Louis Vuitton jewelry box? Don’t mind if I do…


I have a serious jewelry problem. All of my favorite stuff is either vintage or costume, so it’s not a spending problem so much as it’s an amount problem. The stuff I wear regularly currently resides in small Ziplock bags inside a white Balenciaga box (which used to contain my iPad case), which sits on top of my dresser. I’ve looked high and low for other ways to store my stash, but nothing particularly attractive or capable of holding giant, breast-plate-sized necklaces has ever surfaced. A clean, minimal white box from my favorite brand seems like the best I’m going to do.

In an ideal universe, though, I’d come home every day and throw my watch in the Louis Vuitton Coffret Tresor 24, preferably situated on a wide, spacious vanity. Nothing is wide and spacious in New York, though, except for maybe Park Avenue, so for now I’ll admire it from here.

Why is a good jewelry box so hard to come by? I’ve looked for ages and never found one that quite met my needs, particularly from a quantity standpoint. At this point, I’d settle for something that would look utterly cool in my bedroom, which is what this case is. I’ve always liked the idea of Louis Vuitton trunks used as furniture in a space that is otherwise devoid of logos or monogramming, and this box is a smaller (although still quite expensive) way to get a similar look in a more manageable way.

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Louis Vuitton Louise Bag Available Online For Cheap


Louis Vuitton Gris and Black Chain Louise Bag Collection

Louis Vuitton Gris & Black Chain Louise Bag Collection

Louis Vuitton Louise Bag is the luxury handbag special with the color of the skin, they are very elegant and beautiful. In this series of Cheap LV handbags, you will be find two models design, no matter for the purse or wallet, they are a great choice for daily carry, attend to party, go to street or for work. These bags are available in patent leather and the color is gorgeous. Louis Vuitton Shop online of those iconic and fashion design bags in a nice price.

Louis Vuitton Louise Bag features the opening of the Louis Vuitton logo buckle to make a very elegant bag. It is has two styles, Louise and Chain Louise. The Louis Vuitton Chain Louise bag has a golden chain handle and it can be had carried or worn over the shoulder. All LV Louise bagsincludes 6 credit card slots with 2 interior pockets, and has a microfiber lining. It also features golden brass metallic pieces, except for the Blue Calfskin Louise, which as black brass.

Style & Price & Size

Louis Vuitton Louise Bags size and price guide

Louis Vuitton Black Rose Indian Rose Patent Louise Clutch Bag Collection

1 Louis Vuitton Black & Rose & Indian Rose Patent Louise Clutch Bag Collection 1905

 Louis Vuitton Blue and Golden Calfskin Louise Clutch Bag

Louis Vuitton Blue and Golden Calfskin Louise Clutch Bag

Shop Louis Vuitton handbags online at, enjoy free delivery plus 3%-10% discount price. Welcome to our online store to know more LV bags purchase info.

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Louis Vuitton Vivienne Wallet & Handbags Offer To Sale Online


Louis Vuitton Vivienne bags collection offer to sale

Feminine and precious, the Vivienne Louis Vuitton Wallet is the perfect elegant daily companion. There are available long style and compact style, with the LV closure is a refined reinterpretation of Monogram while allowing the wallet to be securely closed. And the silky soft Veau Cachemire leather adds even more sophistication. So Louis Vuitton Vivienne wallet is the perfect choice to keep your money and show your unique fashion taste. If we say LV Vivienne wallet is a perfect wallet to carry in daily life, the Louis Vuitton Vivienne handbag designed for daytime and also perfect for a smart-casual night look with a cute box shape and luxe leather.

Already loved by Miranda Kerr the new LV bag joins the current craze for fully-functional handbags in shrunken down sizes. This collection Louis Vuitton Vivienne bags features an extra LV logo displayed prominently on the front. the Vivienne bags and wallets features two different size, the Vivienne LV and Vivienne S-Lock for the bags and Vivienne LV Long Wallet and Vivienne LV Compact Wallet for the wallet. Now, those great Cheap LV handbags offer to sale online now in a nice price now. Visit to search more great Louis Vuitton bags in a lower price without shipping fee!

Shop Louis Vuitton Vivienne short wallet online

 2013 Newest Louis Vuitton Vivienne wallet collection

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